Messina Productions has been in business since 1992. With over twenty+ years of experience in entertainment and television including weddings, corporate conventions and a plethora of elite celebrity events, I felt it was time to convey our theory, “You Get What You Pay For,” once and for all!

Over the course of my career I’ve come across many clients who have a Mercedes Benz taste with a Kia budget. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this because we all want and deserve the absolute best, but where it becomes a problem is when one reserves a 5 Star location to have their event and do not realize all of the additional costs associated with doing so, or they simply make poor choices.

Example: (I.) It’s NOT advisable to reserve the Ritz Carlton or Isleworth Country Club for your wedding location if doing so will cause you to only have enough in your budget to hook up an iPod for your reception. (II.) Please don’t budget $5000 to have a custom latex dance floor, yet haggle the price of your entertainment. “You Get What You Pay For!” #KnowYourPriorities

I see couples get burnt time and time again booking these “cookie cutter” low budget entertainment companies because they don’t know any better and think they’re getting, “a great deal!”. Unfortunately, most of these couples find out they have made a poor decision once it’s too late, OR after they experience another wedding/event that is so much better than their own.

I understand for some, times are tough, but we always tell our brides, “Never under estimate or under budget your food & entertainment,” because you WILL, “Get What You Pay For!”

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and you deserve the best (period) *Please don’t let anyone convince you differently, and ask yourself, “Do you really want a 19 year old kid handling the most important day of your life?

**Ten to Fifteen years from now your guests aren’t going to remember whether the London Broil was overcooked, or whether the Bride’s Dress was white or off white – Your guests, family and friends will ONLY remember whether they had a great time or not, and Messina Productions, Inc. is here to make that happen!

No matter what the event, we look forward to the opportunity of earning your business. For inquiries please call (407) 909-0403 or email today to let us know how we may be of service!!

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Kindest Regards,
Scott Messina, President